Monday, 9 April 2012

I-think-I'm-actually-going-to-die-a-chocolaty-Death By Chocolate Cupcakes

My friend Gemma is a bit poorly and really needed some help today, so I took some time out of my hectic bank holiday schedule to aide her in some serious chocolate cupcake making.
It was essential in order for her to start on the long road to recovery.
I bought a couple home for Him and Mother (she's visiting tomorrow)...but alas, they were too good...I cant move I am so full. But it's Easter, and gorging ones self on copious amounts of chocolate is that right thing to do. Right?

Can you look at these and not want chocolate?!
Gemma got the recipe from here. (we used twirl bites instead of dark chocolate chunks)

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and indulged in some chocolaty goodness.

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  1. Yummy all the way!

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