Thursday, 28 June 2012

Birthday celebrations

I turned 24 last week and had some lovely celebrations! Mr et Moi went to London and stayed at my parents chalet, it was SO nice! We are deffinatly going to go up more often now as it only took 50 minutes to get there! I have no idea why we havn't been there before seeing as its been in my family for 30 years!

The next day we went to the beautiful Kew Gardens, we had planned to go into the city too but there was just too much to see at Kew.

Kew has some amazing house boats...I had a bit of house envy, I don't think Mr's 6ft4 would do very well on a boat though!

When we got back home we met up with some lovely lovely friends and went dancing and for a roast, such a good birthday.

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