Thursday, 25 October 2012

weddingy things

I went to a wedding fair on Sunday, and it was actually pretty good! I never thought I'd say that, but now I can check that box and carry on with my life. The main thing that attracted me to this wedding fair in particular was the venue - Battsea Arts Center - and it didn't disappoint, beautiful mosaic floors, domed ceiling windows and stained glass, it was pretty beautiful to say the least.
The fair was called the Miss Vintage Wedding Affair and it was full of beautiful vintage lace, bespoke handmade stockings, tea cups that doubled up as wine glasses and lots of lovely vintage treasures and treats in between. My dear Rose travelled up from the Isle of Wight to play with me and to make it an extra special day out we had our hair and make up done by the wonderful Lucy at Hair That Turns Heads. We then spent the rest of our time there playing in the photo booth that WeNotMe set up, needless to say we were happy bunnies and left with a smile on our faces.
I was too busy having fun to take many photos, but here are a couple the Rose and I managed to capture.
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