Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Out and About in Brighton

We're think of leaving Brighton, nothing personal, but we feel we've out stayed our welcome...nothing has gone wrong but we're ready for a new adventure. With this in mind we have been trying our hardest to make this most of living in this awesome city. It is a very cool city with lots to see and do.

As part of Brighton Fringe Festival the covered the clock tower in ombre T-shirts. Very cool.

It's mackerel season again, which means a free full fridge!

My Hubs caught a whopper!

We finally got to use the portable smoker that my Nana got us  for Christmas a couple of tears ago, SO good!!

We had left over Dewberry Liqueur that we made for the wedding, so we obviously had to make cocktails with it!

Yeah we did!

This photo makes me laugh. a lot. It's normally me pulling stupid faces and him with the blue steel.
Here we are at the No Fit State so good, I've you ever get the opportunity, GO!

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