Tuesday, 2 July 2013

So, we got married!

I have not written on here for a while, I kind of lost my way a little and wasn't really sure what the aim of this blog was. I don't really think I want to achieve anything with this blog, I'm going to use it as a journal, to look back on and smile about.


One thing I really have to smile about is the fact that I married my best friend. I don't have enough words in me to describe the extreme joyous mix of emotions that our wedding day gave me. It was the best day of my life. Ever. Fact.

Here are a few photos from the days leading up to and our wedding day.
(some photos have been stolen from my friends Instagram.)

Us getting very excited on the boat on the way to the lovely little Isle of Wight (where we got wed)

Not the most flattering photo, but a lovely memory of waking up together on the morning of the wedding.

The wedding ceremony at The Apple Farm.

My Pa and I ( and a lucky gust of wind that made my dress look awesome!).

Just arriving...I was SO nervous at this point! I literally didn't stop shaking for about 2 hours!

This one's going to be for the thank you cards!

Getting married to my sweet, kind husband was the best decision I've ever made. People say that getting married doesn't change anything, but I don't think they could be further from the truth. I feel complete, like, more complete than I felt before. There is a sense of security that I can't describe but I can just feel it. I feel like I'm a member of a special 'married club'...I know, I probably sound like a bit of a moron, but I guess I'm still in that honeymoon period, I just really want to make sure that I always remember feeling like this and why I feel like this.
Moon, I love you.

p.s Thanks to our lovely photographers Sacco & Sacco for setting up most of these photos, I will put their photos up soon (they will be a million times better than these IPhone shots!!)
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